Haryana State was carved out of erstwhile Punjab State in 1966. An incomparable heritage of antiquity, mysticism, spirituality, ancient kingdoms and a history of epic battles, multiple conquests, foreign settlers and invaders have cohered here to create a resilient, proud and robust state which has made Haryana a synonym of progress and development with the second highest per capita income in India.

    Access, quality, equity, sustainability and future readiness in higher education are the guiding principles on which the vision of the State Government is based. There is strong evidence of linking education to higher growth and productivity.

    In 1966, there was only Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and 02 Government Colleges.

    Presently the department has 39 Universities which include 01 Central University, 14 State Universities and 24 Private Universities. The Governor of Haryana is the Chancellor of State Universities and the Visitor of Private Universities. Our universities are multidisciplinary with all major faculties and courses.

    There are 175 Government Degree Colleges, 02 Government Education Colleges, 97 Government Aided Degree Colleges and 88 Self-Financing Degree colleges.

    There are 26 Government Polytechnics, 03 Government Aided Polytechnics, 11 Government Soceity Polytechnics, 147 Private Polytechnics.

    There are 4 Government Engineering Colleges, 77 Private Engineering Colleges.

    The State Government has a proactive policy of opening government colleges within a radius of 20 kms to give access to all students especially girls.