Department of Higher Education, Haryana

    Academic and administrative reforms in Higher Education, Haryana

    Department of Higher Education, Haryana acknowledges the importance of reforms which need to be taken overhaul education system in state. Accordingly department is working on various initiatives, which will not only improve overall education scenario in state but help in portraying Haryana as education hub in North India. Some of the key initiatives in this directions are :

  1. Performance Rating Yardstick for Academic Audit Standards (PRaYAAS):
    The Department of Higher Education, Haryana is committed towards improving the overall performance of the Higher Education Institutes of the state and bring in a culture of excellence in the present set of activities by strict and continuous audit of the performance of the Institutes. The Department of Higher Education, Haryana has designed a comprehensive tool viz., “Performance Rating Yardstick for Academic Audit Standards (PRaYAAS) - A framework for Quality Improvement in Higher Education Institutes” for facilitating strict and continuous monitoring of the performance of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the state, improve the overall quality and enable them towards the path of excellence. PRaYAAS would be administered on an annual basis in the state and would be applicable for all State/Private Universities & Government, aided and self-financing colleges of the state. The Department of Higher Education, Haryana would be the nodal body for implementing PRaYAAS across the state.

  2. Private University Information System:
    Overall objective of PUIS is to improve compliance with Private Universities Act for Fee and Course structuring, increase transparency and promote digitalization of data. PUIS will help in
    • Collating information from universities
    • Creation of master file for all courses
    • Bifurcation of courses- UG, PG, Diploma, Integrated, BTECH/MTECH, MPHIL/PHD
    • Assistance in approval of new courses
    • Development of online portal for private universities to upload data reg courses, fees structures, scholarships, new courses required etc

  3. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS ):
    As per the guidelines given by GOI, the state has implemented Semesterisation and is in process of implementing Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in all colleges and to bring the relevant changes in the curriculum. Committees for restructuring the existing courses has been formulated which has provided their suggestions to universities for bringing necessary changes in curriculum.

  4. Foundation Booklet on Life and Business Skills :
    The Govt. of Haryana has been continuously making tremendous efforts to improve the facilities for higher and technical education ecosystem in the state.. One of the key concerns faced by our students is that majority of them lack appropriate proficiency in soft skills and digital literacy. The lack of competence in soft skills and digital literacy is one of the major issues for the students to land with better job opportunities in leading National/ Multi-National companies in private sector. Hence, a clear intervention is necessary to facilitate them in equipping with Industry driven soft skill and digital literacy skills and enhance their employability to required levels. The Department of Higher Education, Haryana is committed to take various initiatives to overcome these shortcomings and augment the opportunities available for students in the state by working closely with the Academia, Industry Associations and individual consultants. The state plans to include mandatory components of soft skill and digital literacy for its degree students to enable them to face the job market in a better manner and secure a gainful employment of their choice. Initially it was also decided to introduce a foundation booklet to develop basic and core skills among students. This booklet, will help students in developing basic concepts of soft skill and which will not only mentor students but will remain their guide during their stay in colleges.

  5. Introduction of Job Oriented Courses:
    Department of Higher Education recognizes the fact that 80 percent of higher education students don’t get placements. Accordingly it is felt that introduction of job oriented courses is need of an hour and DHE is working closely with Skill University for the introduction of add-on courses. DHE is also working to introduce mandatory course on  soft skills which may consist communication, effective writing, collaboration and other life and business skill should be part of course curriculum. Also state’s priority vis-à-vis with industry and job roles required, will be considered while preparing curriculum for add-on courses.

  6. Entrepreneurship Development Clubs :
    Innovation is one of the key aspects of building blocks of our economy to redefine products and services meeting peoples’ aspirations. The competitiveness of our economy must be raised with creating opportunities that empower people to earn sustainable incomes.In perusing this mission, the ability to reformulate the traditional model of economic growth is essential, so that available knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship and innovation can be synthesized towards new products and services. Job creation for skilled youth is also a major challenge before the nation. Entrepreneurship based on innovation has immense growth potential to address the challenge of job creation. Entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized as an important driver of economic growth in India. This is evident from the importance placed by the Government of India on Entrepreneurship through its flagship schemes viz., "Make in India" & "Start-up India". In wake of this, the Government of Haryana plans to foster entrepreneurial eco system in the state and boost its innovation and entrepreneurship competitiveness. With this context, the Department of Higher Education, Government of Haryana formulated a policy to establish ”Entrepreneurship Development Clubs (EDC)” within the existing placement centres in all the State Universities, Government, aided and self-finance colleges of the state to inculcate “Entrepreneurial Culture” amongst its youth and equip them with skills to act as job creators instead of being job seekers in future. The Entrepreneurship development clubs will be set up within the existing placement centres in all the higher educational institutions in the State. This would be a part of the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Haryana’s drive to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. Through these EDCs, the Department of Higher Education, Haryana envisions a society of self-motivated individuals’ kernelled with constructive and intense entrepreneurial drive leading to positive outcomes for the state. These Entrepreneurship Development Clubs would also facilitate campus-industry linkage on the higher education Institutes of the state.

  7. New colleges for women :
     Under equity initiatives and in line with national priority on “Beti Bachao, Beti Padayo Abhiyaan” Government of Haryana is under process of opening 31 girls colleges in various districts of Haryana. These colleges will be operational for AY 2018-19 and will offer courses in Arts, Commerce and Science stream.

  8. Placements :
    The Govt. of Haryana has been making tremendous efforts in providing upright facilities for higher education in the state. The state has achieved remarkable progress in higher education and is providing quality education to its students, yet the majority of students are unable to get better job opportunities in various National/ Multi-National companies in private sector. Lack of exposure and motivation to attend campus drives were identified as major reasons for the limited job opportunities in the private sector jobs. The Department of Higher Education is taking various initiatives to overcome these shortcomings by working closely with the Industry Associations and other stakeholders to augment placement opportunities for students in Haryana across select degrees in accordance with the conditions to raise the employability of students. While the students pursuing various non-technical graduate courses in the state aspire to either go for higher education or join government jobs, however, the state government plans to offer an opportunity for employment to its final year students who are pursuing non-technical degrees (i.e. B.A. / B. Sc. / B. Com/ M.A. / M. Sc. / M. Com etc.) across various government colleges in Haryana. Department has recently on-boarded placement partner for providing placement to   Faridabad, Rohtak, Panipat, Karnal. For AY 2018-19, department is planning to onboard agency to provide assessment, skill gap training and placement services to the final year students.
  10. PATANG (Passport Assistance to Aspiring New Graduates) :
    To create awareness among students regarding premier Universities and Colleges outside India where further higher education can be explored, DHE launched project called PATANG. Principals to sensitize students of international courses and jobs and requirement of passports and to appoint one teacher as Passport Officer in the college who will facilitate application procedure, appointment at the nearest passport office, faster police verification etc.

  11. Examination Reforms :
    Ensuring reforms in examination system, department has conducted workshop which was attended by all Vice Chancellors and related stakeholders where it was deliberated to have common academic calendar for higher education institute and also to reduce examination days between 21-31 days.

  12. Startup-Incubator, Govt College, Sector 1, Panchkula:
    Haryana government has been working to develop an Ecosystem for Social and Economic growth. Various landmark reforms have been initiated to support all the sectors with special focus on Startups, as these sectors have the potential to solve the social and economic issues through innovative ideas and generate a plethora of employment opportunities. One of the prime focus areas that Government of Haryana is the up-liftmen Entrepreneurial Education for the Students of Higher Education in the State of Haryana. To facilitate young minds and nurture budding entrepreneurs, Department of Higher Education has come up with policy of setting incubators in various colleges and universities across the state. This will not only help students in identifying their entrepreneur skills but will also help in resolving issues in the field of healthcare, education, social, infrastructure of the community. Empowering youth and making them self-reliant will help in overall economic development of the state. Presently, DHE has successfully setup incubator in Govt College, Sector-1 Panchkula with overall 3000 square feet of shell space. It has seating capacity of 80, along with state of art infrastructure, such as recreational area ( for 50 people), Wi-Fi, mentoring room, mini-cafeteria etc. Various events including mentoring, pitching evenings, boot-camps, workshops for building the network of entrepreneurs are taking place which has witnessed huge response from the students of Panchkula, Raipur Rani and Barwala colleges. Objective of these incubators will be encouragement of young entrepreneurs to build startups as well as create an innovation centric atmosphere in various institutes of Higher Education, Haryana.

  13. IT Plan :
    Higher Education started many IT initiated under IT Plan with an objective to automate its front-end and back-end processes. Digital revolution is bringing in sweeping changes in the Higher Education landscape. All the IT initiatives web portals and mobile application are developed by the in-house IT Team of the department. Some of the IT initiatives projects are:-
    1. Online Admission Portal for UG & PG
    2. Centralized Scholarship Portal – ‘Harchhatravratti’
    3. Web Portal of Department
    4. Online ACR Portal
    5. MIS Portal for Government Colleges
    6. MIS Portal for Aided Colleges
    7. Private University Portal
    8. Prayaas Portal
    9. NSS Portal
    10. Dedicated website of 173 Government Colleges and 27 District/Sub Divisional Libraries
    11. Centralized Digital Library Portal – “eGranthalya” (Web Portal and Mobile Application)
    12. Ashtavakra Kendra Portal for Divyang Students. (Web Portal and Mobile Application)
    13. Nayi Disha: Distress Call Centre Portal
    14. MEDHAVI portal
    15. MRIDA portal: Website for International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
    16. Academic Canvas portal: Website for International Journal of English Studies
    17. PRAYAAS Framework Portal: A framework for Quality Improvement in Higher Education Institutes
    18. Online Posting Portal for Newly Joined employee.
    19. College Inspection Portal.
    20. Mobile App for Old Age Home Persons.
    21. Mobile App for Plantation (Vrikshabandhan) for students.

  14. Digital Initiatives/ eLearning :
    Knowledge coupled with creativity and innovation is the most powerful currency that Universities and higher education institutes create and contribute to society and nation. To be a Door Opener for the students in a rapidly globalizing world, it is important to follow the emerging Technological Trends that are shaping the future educational landscape. Evidently enough latest interactive teaching is changing the role of education with the introduction of multimedia, and an innovative effort of an institution helps in its academic excellence. The technology of online education and all the digital initiatives have the possibility to revolutionize higher education scenario in the near future. Accordingly department in devising program DRISHTI (Digital Revolution in Information Studies in Haryana for Transformation and Innovation) to boost digital and e-learning in all colleges. Department has signed agreement with CEC for developing e-content for various subjects. Workshop for 400+ teachers of various subjects has been conducted in SUPVA for the use of e-content in teaching pedagogy.  

  15. Induction of orientation program for new students:
    In Haryana approx 1.5 lac students take admission in colleges every year. When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. It is important to help them adjust to the new environment and inculcate in them the ethos of the institution with a sense of larger purpose. Precious little is done by most of the institutions, except for an orientation program lasting a couple of hours. These students are normally unaware of campus/college scenario. In order to ease their transition into college, DHE has decided to introduce a 2 days Orientation Program in all colleges. Through fresher orientation, students to meet other students, become familiar with campus services, faculty, rules and regulation. Its purpose is to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large, and nature.