Department of Higher Education, Haryana

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Address: Shiksha Sadan, Ground & 1st Floor, Sec - 5, Panchkula, Haryana (134105)
Reception Contact No: 0172-2567422
Email: cru-sec[dot]he[at]hry[dot]gov[dot]in (Kindly make all kind of correspondance with Directorate on this Email id)

Who's Who

Sr No Name & DesignationContact No.Official Address
1 Image Cover Anand Mohan Sharan, IAS
Principal Secretary Higher Education
4th Floor, Mini Secretariat, Sector-17, Chandigarh
2 Image Cover Vijay Singh Dahiya , IAS
Director General Higher Education
+91-172-2562029 (O) Shiksha Sadan, Ground Floor, Sec - 5, Panchkula, Haryana
3 Image Cover Gulzar Ahmed, HCS
Joint Director ( Administration)
Shiksha Sadan, Ground Floor, Sec - 5, Panchkula, Haryana


Sr No Name & DesignationWork AllocatedContact NoOfficial Address
1 Image Cover Rita Gupta
Joint Director
Nodal Officer of CM Window, CPGRAMS Portal, Social Media Greivance Redressal Cell
2 Image Cover Anju Manocha
Joint Director
Library, RTI Branch (F.A.A)
3 Image Cover Vacant
District Attorney
Legal Cell
4 Image Cover Sh. Kanwaljit Singh
Chief Accounts Officer
College-III, Budget Branch, Audit Cell 9814332589, 2562046 Ext:- 107
5 Image Cover Dr. Hemant Verma
Deputy Director
Coordination Branch, UNP Branch, Private University Branch 9878244447 Ext. 127
6 Image Cover Smt. Archana Rani
Deputy Director
Statistical Cell (B) 9416433653 Ext. 124
7 Image Cover Ajit Singh
Deputy Director
College-IV Branch, NCC Branch 9416114101
8 Image Cover Sh. Jasmender Singh
Deputy Director
Works & Scholarship Branch 8901504585
9 Image Cover Sukhwinder Singh
Deputy Director
10 Image Cover Swati Jha
Deputy Director
11 Image Cover Sh. D.P Punia
Assistant Director
HRMS, Legal Cell
12 Image Cover Sh. Dalbir Singh
Assistant Director
Administration Branch
13 Image Cover Jai Gopal
Assistant Director
M.E. Branch
14 Image Cover Sh. Naveen
Assistant District Attorney
Court Cases of Library, NPE, UNP, NSS and Coordination Branches 9466948508, Ext: 203
15 Image Cover Sh. Virender Prasad Juyal
Assistant District Attorney
NCC, Works, Scholarship and Accounts. 7988036485 Ext. 203
16 Image Cover Sh. Avinash Kant Sharma
Law Officer
College- I, III, V and ME Branch 9216376217 Ext. 205
17 Image Cover Sh. Chaman Lal
Law Officer
College- IV, II, VI and Admin Branch 9780493373 Ext. 208
18 Image Cover Sh. Ramchander
Registrar Education
19 Image Cover Sh. Bali Ram Punia
Budget Officer
Work of Budget and Planning
20 Image Cover Sh. Harpal Singh
Account Officer
College-VI 9988306543 Ext. 223
21 Image Cover Sh. Harjeet Hans
Account Officer
College- III Branch
22 Image Cover Smt. Deepa Yadav
Account Officer
Govt. College Audit. All work of verification of pay fixation and Medical bills of ME Branch 9878686161 Ext. 224


Sr No Name & DesignationWork AllocatedContact NoOfficial Address
1 Image Cover Smt. Poonam Sharma
Administration 9417923706 Ext. 221
2 Image Cover Ashu Bhalla
Deputy Superintendent
College-VI Branch 9416291470, EXt. 212
3 Image Cover Sh. Satpal
Deputy Superintendent
College- I 9467615145, EXt. 114
4 Image Cover Sh. Munish Juneja
Deputy Superintendent
College-IV 9877389209, EXt.218
5 Image Cover Smt. Rajesh Kumari
Deputy Superintendent
New Establishment 9463320760 Ext. 113
6 Image Cover Sh. Amar Singh
Scholarship Branch 9464121037, EXt.204
7 Image Cover Sh. Bhim Singh
College-III 9876074435, EXt.220
8 Image Cover Sh. Ramesh Kumar
Budget Branch, Procurement Cell 9466214261,EXt.108
9 Image Cover Meenakshi Sharma
Accounts Branch 8699234833, EXt.115
10 Image Cover Renu Sharma
UNP Branch 9417301157, EXt.209
11 Image Cover Ravi Kumar
Assistant Research Officer (ARO)
Library Branch 7696093636, EXt.217
12 Image Cover Rekha Yadav
NPE Branch, Works Branch Ext.210
13 Image Cover Gagandeep Katyal
Deputy Superintendent
Establishment-1 Branch 9569584097, Ext 113
14 Image Cover Shashi Bala
Legal Cell 7508033145,EXt.217
15 Image Cover Anjana
Deputy Superintendent
External Schemes, NCC Branch, NSS Branch 9915646398
16 Image Cover Ashok Kumar
Assistant Research Officer (ARO)
HRMS Branch 9467482518, EXt.255,104
17 Image Cover Neelam Rathi
ME Branch 6280973588,EXt.212
18 Image Cover Rajesh Kumar
Transfer & Leave Branch, RTI Branch, CRU 9814100166, EXt.224,103
19 Image Cover Angrej
Coordination Branch, Vigilance Branch 9914129571,EXt.213,202
20 Image Cover Aman Kalyan
Project Manager
IT Cell Ext. 121
21 Image Cover Kamal Gupta
Project Manager
IT Cell